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What is NinjaHR?

Let us see what it does.

It all revolves around Groups

Default group

A Group is a team of people working together towards a single goal for the company. Managers of the groups create reports that team members submit.

There are three roles


Default admin

The admin is the owner of the company or someone who manages the company at a higher level.

Admins sets up the company account, creates groups and add people to the company.


Default manager

The manager is the leader of a group, he is appointed by the admin and takes care of his group's performance.

Managers create reports, review submissions and give rewards to members of the group.


Default member

Everyone in the company is a member, they are added to a group by the admin or the manager.

Members assigned to a group submit reports to their manager when the reports are due.

Three main interactions


Default report

A report is a set of questions created by the manager for the members in his group.

A report can contain descriptive questions, a list of items or objective type questions.


Default submission

A submission is a report filled up and submitted to the manager by the member of a group.

A submission will appear as late or on time depending on the reporting time for the group.


Default reward

A reward is a token of appreciation given to the member for their exceptional performance.

The reward can be a badge which signifies achievement or a physical reward which the company can set up.

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